Let’s get back to basics.

seven seeds of social enterprise david gaines

Every business is a social enterprise.

[ Or has the potential to be! ]


In essence, a social enterprise is a business or organization that makes a positive impact in some way—locally, globally, or both. I believe that every single organization—for-profit or non-profit, large or small, established or startup—can be a social enterprise. After all, businesses are already built to solve a problem or meet a need in the market, so why not use those same tools to solve global issues like poverty and climate change?


Sustainable positive impact requires baby steps.

[ Everyone can start somewhere. ]


Let’s face it: making a measurable positive impact on the world while also turning a profit and managing the day to day operations of running of business is not exactly easy. But when we take one, tiny baby step at a time, we can create lasting, sustainable change in the foundational way our organizations operate. By doing this, we can simultaneously reduce negative impacts (like modern day slavery and CO2 emissions) while also increasing positive impact (like employing second chance workers or using recycled materials).


The power is in the Seven Seeds.

[ Start here. ]


So, the question then becomes: “Okay, but how do I actually begin to make a positive impact with my business? Where do I even start?”

Over my 22+ years of social enterprise experience, I have identified seven key areas that every organization interacts with:

  • supply chain

  • employees

  • customers

  • competitors

  • community

  • environment

  • self

By taking small steps toward positive change in each of these categories, any organization can transform into a sustainable, ethical, successful enterprise that grows its bottom line while doing good in the world.


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