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david gaines seven seeds of social enterprise

I am currently the CEO and Chief Visionary for La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie, a full service coffee resource that provides the highest quality coffee for consumers, equipment and education for restaurants and coffee shops, and more. After working for years in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, I felt pulled toward social enterprise and the way La Terza provided phenomenal coffee while positively impacting workers worldwide. I believe in the power of coffee to foster human connection, and know that coffee shops play an important role in the social health of our communities.

It’s not just coffee though. I see a new type of business model where we can not only make a profit, but also better the lives of people involved in our supply chains, our local community, employees, customers, competition, planet, and even ourselves. 

I am also the Board Chair of the local chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance, which has given me the opportunity to further build into Cincinnati’s growing community of social impact businesses. Together, we are creatively challenging the traditional business status quo and incorporating life-bringing ideas into everyday business practices.

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wife, Beth, our son, Parker, and our two dogs.